How to Get Enough Unique Content Fast

nicolos | 2016-08-23 03:48:12

In order to get unique content, marketers and webmasters usually have to write the contents themselves, or hire a ghost writers to do it for them. This process can be very time consuming and prohibitively expensive. Many marketers and webmasters prefer to pay a monthly fee and join a membership site. This has the advantage that each month, they can access freshly generated Private Label Rights (PLR) articles for their own personal use. It is a convenient and fast way to get content with minimal expense, but there are significant drawbacks and limitations. Since most membership sites have several hundreds members, each of them may end up duplicating some of the same content on their own websites, so in consequence these PLR articles cannot really be classed as unique content. That's why almost all membership sites ask their members to rewrite a significant percentage of the PLR articles before they publish them online.

In the past I tried to rewrite all kinds of content, mostly Private Label Rights (PLR) articles that I obtained from various membership sites. I worked day and night on them in the mistaken belief that as long as I worked hard, I could always finish this kind of rewrite work on time. However, I soon found out that I was 100% wrong, I *never* finished my work on time! Simply because there was so much content waiting for me to complete, and I just did not have enough time to do it! I wished that I could have 48 hours in a day just to finish my ongoing projects! I was drowning in a sea of content and found myself asking: How can I make the process more efficient, quicker and easier?

After a long time research, i got one software called SpinnerChief, it is a kind of article spinner/rewriter. SpinnerChief 4 can not only generate hundreds of seo content in minutes, and the articles are the most unique and human readable. Now i will never be troubled by how to get enough unique content, and i also could use this software on my MacBook, Ipad and Android System. Hope my experience help you who are in trouble.