How does new website get rid of the sandbox effect

nicolos | 2016-11-04 06:19:37

Most of webmaster who experienced site building and running process should have more or less feelings on the search engine sandbox effect, no matter how rich on the content of your on-line website, the number of external links how high the user experience how friendly and on how friendly Search engine-friendly degree, all the new stations in the search engine sandbox period, it is difficult to get a better ranking. In order to make the new station get out of the sandbox effect as soon as possible, what aspects should pay attention as following:

1、 The site title, the overall layout of the structure should not be changed frequently

This is a lot of on-line site owners are often a problem. Web site from the on-line, is the need to do the development of the appropriate adjustments. But many of the new on-line site, due to on-line before the planned, the results on-line found here that is not right, has been constantly modified. The results changed to go to the search engine that is suspected of cheating, directly into the sandbox was struggling to go.

2、 Reduce to use second domain name

Some owners want to stand in the site on the line ready to start doing station group, so the main domain name in the www under the binding of more than two secondary domain name, or even three-level domain name binding. But no matter what factors are considered, for the new on-line site, even if you plan the pattern in the large, have to slowly, at least in the site after the audit period after the March time to consider. Slowly, the search engine does not think you have any good to do so.

3、 Excessive website optimization: including internal over-optimization and external over-optimization

Over-optimization of the site: If the site keyword has emerged. Such as page title, keywords, description tags, image attributes, internal anchor text, web links, H1, H2 tags can be enhanced SEO processing, are doing the traces of the optimization process, Doing so will affect the search engine for a new trust assessment period.

Outside the station over-optimization: the promotion of the site is mainly outside the site only to promote the degree of promotion of a new station is on the line, leaving a large number of new stations outside the station chain, which will increase the new station on the line of the sandbox effect. Should pay attention to the natural balance is good, especially the new station should pay attention to this point.

4、 Site content is not high quality

New station on the line, the site content quality is more important point. For webmaster friends, not just use the collection tool to collect a large number of articles on the software can not copy and paste can make things right, but as much as possible to the content of the original, search engines are more like More fresh content, while the network to the existence of monotony of the content, can only be considered to do garbage disposal station. And one thing to note is do not appear sensitive content information. For search engines, it is self-digging grave behavior, which will directly lead to your new station has been in the scrap stage.

Summary: So for the site just on the line, do the new station seo to maintain a correct attitude. Sandbox effect comes, you can look at with a normal mind, remember to concentrate on doing the site content, improve site user experience, is the site's top priority.