What Is SEO Marketing

anthony jupiter | 2017-02-17 05:01:30

Now is the era of the Internet,  but when it comes to SEO or a lot of people never heard of.

Let us introduce what is SEO. SEO (SearchEngineOptimization), meaning search engine optimization. As for the search engine, that is, we are familiar with Google, Soso and so on.

Then optimize the search engine what is the use of this technology and how to become a sharp marketing means.

In order to allow most people to understand, I give an example of large furniture. If you want to search the Internet for weight loss drugs related information, most people's first choice is definitely in the Google input diet pills to search, then search down the first page is likely to be your first choice. The role of SEO is to optimize the search object (weight loss drug) ranking so that more people see, people have to see the natural flow, and traffic will be converted into profit (others to buy your diet pills). Imagine your weight loss drug ranking in Google search first, then the need for weight loss drug people through the search to see the first is you, when the fear of money no time to make it.

Of course, I just give an example of diet pills, if we have to do a diet pills, the fierce competition can be imagined. Smart people will choose their own familiar with the development potential of the profit products to optimize the ranking, we can find a variety of keywords in the Google index, the higher the keyword index, it is more popular about the degree of Google search .

At this time a lot of people would like to make such a good technology to learn it must be very difficult, very complicated. This is normal, I started to think so, but waiting for you a contact with SEO technology, you will find it in fact a good grasp. Even a person who does not understand the network, as long as willing to seriously study, the same can grasp the SEO technology. Alibaba CEO Ma said a word, a lot of seemingly difficult things hard you have no time to try, so you really dare to try, you will find that is actually very simple, this time you are not far from the success.